GEM Premier blood gas analyzer 3000, manufacturer: INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY (USA)

The new standard in blood - gas analysis.
Effective continuous real-time quality analysis.
It works automatically without human intervention.

GEM Premier Brochure 3000

  • pH
  • Metabolites
  • Blood-gas analysis
  • Hematocrit
  • Electrolytes
  • Others

GEM Premier 3000

GEM Premier 3000 emptied and enlarged urgently – Medical Research. In addition to the unique features, such as the cassette contained in it and extensive menu options, GEM Premier 3000 now introduces you to Intelligent Quality Management (iQM), Intelligent Quality Management System, internal, automated program, which ensures continuous quality management.


  • Very fast whole blood test designed for centralized and decentralized location.
  • Independent free quality control before, during and after each sample of duration 20 sec., through the built-in unified solutions, tempered in a permanently active incubator, without the need for external intervention, such as pressing a button or feeding an ampoule.
  • Possibility to supply arterial, venous or capillary sample as from the syringe, and from a capillary.
  • Automatic calibrations: Lack of service.