Immunofluorescent quantitative analyzer GETEIN 1600, manufacturer: Getein Biotech, Inc.

GETEIN brochure 1600 GETEIN brochure

The Getein1600 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer is a fully automatic desktop diagnostic analyzer. In combination with barcoded, ready-to-use tape cassettes, The Getein1600 is designed to provide accurate test results in minutes. In connection with special test kits for immunofluorescence, the tool automates the detection and quantification of markers of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, inflammation, fertility, diabetes, bone metabolism, tumor and thyroid in a biological sample.


  • Easy work
  • Fully automatic detection
  • Real-time monitoring of samples and consumables
  • Rendered interface for reagent
  • Intelligent software system
  • Android system
  • User-friendly interface

Various test modes:

  • STAT -LIS / HIS connectivity
  • WIFI / 4G data transmission
  • Network printer
  • High performance -48 cycle samples
  • Continuous loading of various test items
  • To 150 test / hour
  • Accurate and reliable test results
  • Fully automatic sampling system
  • Disposable nozzles with filter elements, which avoid cross-contamination
  • Automatic calibration, dilution and loading of the sample
  • Fully automatic quality control
  • Traceability of results
  • Automatic barcode scanning of other items
  • Automatic reagent recognition
  • Easy for standardized management
  • Fully automatic loading and detection of samples
  • Meets the requirements of clinical laboratory standards